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Unlock the power of self-publishing with our seamless services, enabling you to effortlessly publish and distribute your book, ensuring that your story reaches the world. Let our team of dedicated professionals be your guiding light as you embark on your journey to become the next successful author!

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With over 15 years of experience in the publishing industry, our team has worked with authors from all walks of life. We possess the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the self-publishing journey and transform your book into a reality.

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Services we offer

Full book cover

We specialize in creating stunning covers for both physical and digital books (eBooks), ensuring a captivating visual representation of your work.

Digitize your handwritten writings

Submit your handwritten sheets of paper or notebooks to us for conversion into PDF format. By doing so, we will be able to digitize the text and create a Word document for you.

Book Formatting

Experience the beauty of a simple and elegant layout design for an enjoyable reading experience.

Web page design

From domain purchase, hosting service, design, to an e-commerce store that accepts debit and credit card payments.

Proofreading and editing

No book should terrify its readers, except for a horror story. We ensure that your book is error-free.

We assign an ISBN

It is optional, but if desired, we can include an ISBN for your book, enabling international distribution.

PDF to ebook

We convert any PDF document into eBooks with a flowable layout, specifically designed for Kindle tablets, Android devices, and iPads.

Translations from English to Spanish

We translate any type of text from English to Spanish and vice versa. This service is available for both literary publications and websites.

Self-publishing coaching

If you prefer to handle the work yourself, we can provide you with guidance and show you how to do it.

Special novels inc

Share your stories with the world

From impeccable editing to captivating design and effective promotion strategies, we provide the path to publishing success.

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