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Discover our programs that will help you make more aware, have a new perspective that will lead you to your life purpose and desired results. Each of our programs comes with your complete personalized book related to the product chosen. Your personalized book will resume all your insights during the process of making it in a well-designed interior with glossy cover and photos.
Go to Born to dream big

Born to dream big

The bridge between your dreams and goals. Discover that your goals are tide with your life purpose in an empowering way. Start making your dreams come true!

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Piensa en grande

Es momento de tranformar tus sueños en metas alcanzables. DreaMax Hispano te lleva paso a paso de donde estas a donde quieres llegar.

Go to Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift

Your love story in a personalized book. Have your own love story in a personalized book with photos of the couples. Those small details that made you fall in love will magnify in your story and you will never forget it.

Go to Leaving your Legacy

Leaving your Legacy

Be the mentor of your love ones resuming your life experiences in a personalized book. Let your loved ones know who you are, what situations you overcame, what you learned in those experiences and much more.


Simple solutions and guidance to live extraordinary lives. Have access to new opportunities, perspectives, and advice for the things you most want.

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Personal Coaching

One on one with our life coach and develop a strategy and guide to achieve and improve your life dramatically.

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Coaching @ Email

Your life coach will guide you and answer any questions, anytime for a whole month throughout email.


Go to Big ideas. Great adventures. Best results.

Big ideas. Great adventures. Best results.

Your chance to capture in a book full of your most lively desires about everything you want to experience in life.

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About us

Writing and Creating Your Special Moments

We are the result of our success and lessons from our failures. We as a company are not the exception. We are driven to grow and expand as a company because we have a common desire to improve relationships, to see happier couples, to see how our customers reach their goals and their dreams. We want to be part of their discovery of skills, traits and inner strength that allowed them to be driven in their path of success, to see the benefits of healthier and happier relationships. Special Novels is a group of individuals creating a massive movement of happier and positive customers. This is our best way of contributing to this magical world. Do you want to be part of our movement?

  • Special Novels is a book publishing company incorporated in Oregon. Our primary focus are events and personalized books that can impact our customers in a positive, and inspiring way. Our staff is composed of authors, interior designers, life coaches among others. We have developed creative solutions that actually meet our objectives and missions as a company. We still have lots of goals as a company to fulfill. Special Novels has the knowledge, techniques, and programs that can boost the relationship of individuals. It can be how you relate to your partner, friends, business, goals, family or yourself. Special Novels will help you be successful in your relationships. We are creating happier, healthier and more energetic relations with our events and solutions in the US. We are driven and are enthusiastic to reach more customers in more states.

  • Publishing services/biographic/goals books/Coaching for individuals, couples and business/Free workshops for companies and non-profit entities/Self improvement Events/Seminars.

Our team

Special Novels is an extension of our greatest desire of helping people to be happy and successful. We are creating special moments for you.

Alba D. Reboyras

Seeking a balance between family time, spirituality, my company productivity and health is a must do. Special Novels has given me the freedom to do what I love, inspire and remind others of the great qualities of each one.

Eduardo A. Borges

I’m creative and like to see the extraordinary in everything and everyone. I want to fulfill my dreams of life surrounded by nature, travel the world and use my creativity to write the extraordinary lives of others.

José E. Soto

Operation Manager
I like to break the expectative of what I’m capable of doing. I see myself as a co-creator in this life. My biggest motivation is to help others make their dreams come true, and show them that they really have the potential to do it. My other motivation is to enjoy my family and the spiritual aspects of life.

Lymarie Torres

Audio-Visual Specialist
I’m an introverted girl who likes cooking, nature, and I am also an animal lover. I love to educate my daughters at home. I want to travel the world, learn about other cultures and grow as a person to help others.

Jafet Reboyras

Life Coaching Prospect
Making people happy is my life! I think as myself as a very caring person that will always be there to support you until you achieve your goal. I love working in Special Novels because it gives me the opportunity to share my passion of helping people grow.

Gabriela M. Andino

Life Coaching Prospect
Every person has a purpose in life. I believe mine is to awaken people to the incredible and infinite knowledge there is in this world. It’s an euphoric feeling helping people reach what they most desire. I am more than glad Special Novels helps me do that!

Michele Joy

Certified Life Coach
Michele Joy is passionate about helping others see their own potential and to help them get out of their own way so the Universe can bring to them all that they are asking. As a Law of Attraction expert and coach, she has helped thousands of people make the Law of Attraction part of their everyday lives.

Special Novels in a Nutshell Publishing services/biographic/goals books/Coaching for individuals, couples and business/Free workshops for companies and non-profit entities/Self improvement Events/Seminars.